Paris Saint-Germain a guest of Metz in the first appearance of “Mbabi”

The Paris Saint-Germain team will play at Metz at St Symphorien in the ninth round of the French Open.

Paris Saint-Germain are aiming for a fifth successive win to keep the top of the French league, while Metz seeks to exploit both the world and the public to end the series of defeats since the start of the season.

It is expected that the match will be the first appearance of striker Kilian Mbabi with Paris St Germain, who top the table of the French league table with 12 points, ahead of the goal difference on the Monaco holder.

The fans are also looking forward to the first appearance of the attacking duo Neymar and Kélien Mbabé. The French daily L’Equipe revealed that the tickets for the Paris St Germain were out for today’s match, as well as Celtic’s Scottish match on Tuesday in the first group stage of the Champions League.

Kellian Mbabi joined Paris Saint-Germain on a one-season loan with a buy-in from Monaco.