PD: Man breaks , steals alcohol, falls asleep

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — St. Pete Police detained a man they say broke-in into a few rsquo;s home and stole bottles of booze.

The person was found half-dressed within their garden abandoning vacant bottles of wine and beer.

“He drank the complete bottle of champagne, the complete jar of wine, three beers,” stated property owner Jim Laurence.

Police detained 53-year-old Brettan Houldin for burglary.

When officers arrived they located him half-dressed at the garden using a wine jar stolen out of the home.

“He was attempting to get still another jar of wine open, however, couldn’t even find a cork-screw,” mentioned Laurence.

Police claimed the defendant defecated across the house and fell asleep on the sofa.

“His trousers were there! I believe that it was awful. The area was filthy foul,” & rdquo; mentioned Laurence.

The few said they woke up a couple of times at the exact middle of the night, but not realized someone was inside their home.

The few claimed they abandon their door open for their pet. They mentioned they won’t even do that.

“That’s no invitation for any man or woman in the future into your home and get exactly what he did,&rdquo said

Houldin stays in prison on a bond.