Peru vs Ecuador Preview

A group of 20 Britain Perú vs. Ecuador en vivo en directo live streaming free Por Internet transmisión TV 5 Septiembre 2017 Online hoy: ver horarios y canales ver partido organized protests and a march to EU institutions on Tuesday to call for the abolition of Britain’s secession from the EU.

Cooper said he was too slow to make changes in anticipation of anything that could happen during the meetings, which are always important, and he hopes luck will be the Pharaohs’ ally in the next two games in order to achieve the greatest dream, adding that the players come from their clubs suffering from stress Under the very small international agenda and it is natural that the performance in the last minute will be reduced by the evidence that the players came before the first game Uganda only 48 hours.
Argentina’s coach Hector Cooper said the win against Uganda in the fourth round of the World Cup qualifiers was a difficult one. The win against Uganda was very positive and took three important points to bring the Pharaohs closer to achieving the dream of reaching the World Cup.

“I admit the difficulty of meeting and the difficulty of the Ugandan team, who are also doing their best to lead the group in the World Cup qualifiers. We played well and our lines are organized and we succeeded in achieving an early and important goal, which is achieved and we got the three points. Behind our failure to succeed in achieving other goals. ”

The Argentine coach explained that the Egyptian team includes a wonderful group of players and they have tremendous pressure and great pressure and can not bear the pressure to sit at home, pointing out that the surprises occur in all qualifying groups, the current Pharaohs goal is to win the Congo and Ghana in the next phase In order to reach the finals of the World Cup.

The coach pointed out that the performance in the last round match in Uganda was very disappointing because he knows all the players two years ago and more and none of them offered this modest level, but all proved his excellence in the game Alexandria and confirmed that the team is able to win, Formation of the fourth round for fear of the demolition of any work during the last two years.

Egypt reached the ninth point, leading Group E, Uganda second with 7 points, Ghana third with 5 points and Congo in the last place with one point.

The march between the headquarters of the European Parliament and the European Council on social media was organized by E-Yunt, an active group of some 1,800 members.

The group’s founder, Amit Shah, 42, said the aim of the protest was to inform the European Union that not all British citizens had voted in favor of Britain’s secession and that unity should remain among the remaining 27 countries of the Union and Britain.

Steve Bullock, a former British diplomat living in Brussels for 12 years, took part in the protest with his son and raised the flag of the European Union during the march.

Pollock, 40, said he had decided to take part in the protest in an effort to correct the widespread notion that all Britons accept the inevitable withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.

Some British members of the European Parliament took part in the rally.