Pop singer Rihanna is driving motorcycles at New York Fashion Week

Singer Rihanna is preparing for a noisy start at the Fenti Puma fashion show of spring 2018, driving motorcycles and swirling through the air and flying over rosey mountains during the New York Fashion Week.

For this occasion Park Park Avenue Armory, on Sunday, turned into a pink sand hill. The motorbike sprang into the same fashion show, with motorbike models wearing short Sarawila, wide jackets and open-air swimming trunks.

The sportswear collection consists of materials including neoprene, nylon and leather in colors including blue, green and red.

Among the most popular exhibitors are Taylor Hill, Juan Smolz and Adriana Lima, Victoria Sekert’s famous product model.

On Sunday, Rihanna was Rihanna’s fourth group of PUMA products, and Rianna introduced the first set of Vantage designs.

Social media users were impressed by the singer’s ability to launch a collection of her design and present her collection during the New York Fashion Week.

Rihanna, a pop singer, is part of more than 100 designers displaying their first collections and latest designs at the New York Fashion Week until Wednesday, a day before its original expiry date, to enable exhibitors to catch up with London Fashion Week.