Pyongyang to inflict “Greatest pain” in Washington if it is subjected to new sanctions

North Korea warned on Monday that it would join the United States “the greatest pain and suffering” if Washington insisted on tougher UN Security Council sanctions against Pyongyang in response to its recent nuclear test.

North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test a week ago – and said it tested a hydrogen bomb that could be installed on a missile – sparking international condemnation and calls for further action to force it to put an end to the serious crisis.

The United States is seeking to impose an oil embargo on North Korea and its textile exports, freeze the assets of Kim Jong-un and work to block the remittances of North Korean workers in the world in response to the nuclear test, according to a draft resolution distributed to delegates of the 15 UN Security Council nations.

Washington wants the Security Council to vote on Monday to impose new and tougher sanctions despite opposition from Beijing and Moscow. The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) issued a Foreign Office statement warning Washington that “if it follows the unjust and unfair decision on severe sanctions, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea “I am sure that the United States will pay the price.”

“The next measures to be taken by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will bring to the United States the greatest pain and suffering that has not been tested in the past,” the statement said.

“The world will see how the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) is arming American guerrillas by taking a series of measures stronger than they imagined.”

The nuclear test came weeks after Pyongyang launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles that seemed to make US territory accessible to Korean missiles.

During a dinner to celebrate North Korea’s nuclear program, North Korean leader Kim praised the sixth test and urged the country’s scientists to develop more weapons, according to the North. Korea says it needs nuclear weapons to protect itself, but the United States accuses Pyongyang of “begging war”