How water helps in quick Weight Loss Diet

Consultant Internal Medicine, has provided a number of tips to keep your stomach healthy from any problems during the summer and include the following:

1. Avoid over-drinking coffee and tea during the summer, because it is diuretic and increases the exposure to dyspepsia and dry the body.

2.Take melon it works to moisturize the body, but avoid excessive handling to prevent exposure to diarrhea.

3. Stay away from foods rich in fats and salts, it loses the body a lot of salts.

4. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, especially cucumber, artichokes, lettuce, watercress, pepper, strawberries and bananas.

5. Eat natural yogurt free of fat and sugar, to work the digestive system healthily.

6. Drink plenty of water all day, but avoid it during or after eating, because it causes indigestion.

7. Wash your hands well throughout the day to avoid viruses that are more prevalent during the summer.

8. In extreme temperatures it is best to eat snacks such as vegetables, fruits and juices and drink plenty of water, because eating increases the body temperature and indigestion.