Real Madrid vs Barcelona Preview 2 – 3

The fans of football in various ver Real Madrid vs. Barcelona EN VIVO ONLINE VER DIRECTO El Clásico 2017 live streaming watch guarda in diretta gratis world are heading to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in the Spanish capital of Madrid to watch the match between Real Madrid and Barcelona in the third round of the 33rd round of the competition. Spanish league “Allega”.
Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3 points ahead of the Clasico

Real Madrid and Barcelona enter the Clasico match amidst contrasting circumstances. The Royal team is “refreshed” by qualifying for the semi-finals of the Champions League after defeating Bayern Munich 6-3 in the quarter-finals of the tournament and maintaining their hopes. He won the continental title for the second time in a row and the 12th in his history.

Contrasting circumstances between Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid vs Barcelona EN VIVO Not only that, but Real Madrid enter the game of the Clasico and take the top of the Spanish league with 75 points, three points ahead of arch-rivals Barcelona, ​​the owner of the line, while the Royal team still has a game in front of Celtavijo, and certainly the victory of Real Madrid in the game tonight , Represents a major step towards realizing the dream of getting the title “Liga” for the first time since 2012.

On the other hand, Barcelona play the Clasico amidst many pressures, after the exit from the quarter-finals of the Champions League competition against Juventus after the Catalan team lost in the total of the home and away games three clean.

Barcelona know that the defeat against Real Madrid in tonight’s game means their hopes of keeping the Spanish league title for the third consecutive season are limited, while Barcelona’s ambition will be limited to the FA Cup, where they will meet Alaves in the final on May 27.

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid’s manager, has been in the third round since taking over as Real Madrid coach Barcelona on Sunday at the Bernabeu Stadium in the 33rd round of the Spanish league competition.

Zidane is struggling to keep his unbeaten record against Barcelona after the French legend led Real to a 2-1 victory at his first Clasico held at Camp Nou last year. After the series of consecutive Barcelona victories were stopped at number 39.

While the second Clasico ended the French coach Zidane with Real Madrid draw with Barcelona 1/1, in the meeting which was held at the Camp Nou, also on the third of December, and today’s match is the first of Zidane before Barcelona at the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu.”

The match between the Real Madrid and Barcelona teams is on Sunday at the top of the 33rd round of the Spanish League competition, a double encounter that draws football fans around the world, bringing together Cristiano Ronaldo, The Portuguese, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and the Argentina team.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have their hopes for Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to settle the result of the Clasico match for either team in the fierce struggle to win the title of the current edition of La Liga.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in high spirits after becoming the first player in the history of the Champions League to score 100 goals, while Lionel Messi is looking for personal glory to score the 500th goal with Barcelona, ​​where the “flea” separates from achieving this achievement “two goals” only.

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