Rugby player in Australia has been suspended for 10 years for beating the referee

A rugby player in Australia, Marc Mivua, was suspended for 10 years for any sports activity after beating the referee violently during his Mittland Blaks match against Newcastle Wanderers in the final of a tournament.

The English-language newspaper The Sun published a video showing the 18-year-old player with a strong body structure, slapping a slap in the neck of the gaunt referee, Niklas Gall, as the referee fell immediately from the force of the strike.

The newspaper pointed out that Mark Mivoa hit the referee, in an angry reaction to the call to referee the red card in the face and expelled from the meeting, because of his violent intervention on one of the players.

Police in the evening went to the young man’s house and arrested him for the incident. Local newspapers confirmed he would stand trial on October 4.

The Sun newspaper confirmed that the player was punished by suspension for 10 years for any sports activity, and he received a suspension of 10 games due to his violent intervention on the other player, which caused his expulsion from the game, although he read an apology composed of 3 Pages during interrogation.