Russia Worldcup: Argentina 'flirting Handbook' panned

The Football Association (AFA) has been panned for adding a chapter in “howto stand a chance having a Russian lady” at a manual it handed to journalists travelling to the World Cup at Russia.

It recommended that journalists “appear clean, smell wonderful and dress very well” in sequence to impress Russian “girls”.

It also urged them to treat women as “some thing of value”.

The information generated an outcry on societal networking as well as also the AFA has since eliminated it.

The controversy stems only weeks following the capital, Buenos Aires, saw the biggest women’s march in Latin America using protesters decrying uncontrolled sexism and demanding an end to violence against girls.

‘Do not ask stupid Questions Regarding sex’

Argentine journalist Nacho Catullo claimed he was among the lots of colleagues and football officials attending a completely free class on Russian speech and culture held with the AFA for individuals traveling to the World Cup at Russia.

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Based on his Twitter accounts he described (in Spanish) how they certainly were given a manual by the chapter “howto stand a chance with a Russian lady” showcased.

He realised photographs of this chapter that started staying shared and also educated on the internet as the path was still going on.

As stated by Catullo, officers afterward interrupted the program, amassing the guides simply to reunite with all an controversial pages torn outside.

The information is divided into eight sections and also extends straight to the point.

“because Russian girls are amazing, many men only wish to sleep with them” it suggests high up.

“Maybe they want that also, however, they are also men that would like to feel very important and exclusive.

“Do not ask stupid questions about intercourse. For Russians, sex is something really private and maybe not talked in people”

‘Require the initiative’

It also urges Argentine guys to start preparing early: “Russian women like men who simply take the initiative, even if you should be maybe not self-evident subsequently you will need to start practicing talking to girls”

For all those men still doubting themselves it offers encouragement: “Recall that many [Russian women] do not know a lot about your nation, you’re different and new, that will be your advantage around Russian men.”

In the end, it urges guys to be more choosey and to pay attention to people Russian girls with whom they can stand a chance.

“Ordinarily, Russian women value the critical ideas but needless to say you’ll also locate people that only care for material things, cash or whether you’re handsome, you name it. But do not be concerned, you’ll find various beautiful girls in Russia and perhaps not all are foryou personally. Be discerning!”

Sources from the AFA informed local press which the controversial chapter had been raised from the site online. It is not yet clear that chose to add it from this manual.