Russian air force shot down US spy plane

The Russian news agency “Sputnik” that the Syrian air force succeeded in a secret mission to drop a US spy plane “Mohawk” of the US Navy, designed for electronic lightning and radar jam, specifically radar, during the breach of Syrian airspace by finding aperture in the air defense radars In the Idlib area.

The Russian agency pointed out that the plane “Mohawk” followed by an Israeli F-4 “F-4” combing the sector and photographed by the scene, according to the site “Arab Today.”

According to the site, whenever a modern fighter takes off, the satellite and the AWACS alert the enemy to withdraw early and listen to communications to understand Syrian intentions.

The Syrian leadership (the Air Intelligence Service) has drawn up a secret plan. According to the plan, an old aircraft takes off and approaches the enemy and confirms the sound signals of non-engagement.

“The martyr martyr Jihad Anbar is considered one of the outstanding pilots in the second special session with the pilot Shehab,” Abdullah Zamzam wrote in the Arabi al-Youm website. “They did this exercise secretly and without the knowledge of the brigade or squadron’s command in detail.

The American Mohawk took off from the aircraft carrier as an Israeli Phantom took off with defensive and offensive missiles. The Syrian directive alerted the order and ordered Hama airport to take off the MiG-21. Syrian fighters arrived east of Ma’arat al-Nu’man and were flying at a height of 5 km.

The mohawk approached the mountain of al-Aqra and reached a height of 1 km at a speed of 400 km. The phantom arrived late and reached 300 meters.

The Mohawk Squadron headed north, and the Mohawk had direct contact, translation and listening to nearby MiG 21 aircraft. The American pilot and his assistant did not notice any sign of offensive intentions.

The MiG-21 fighters flew behind the Mohawk. Mohawk pilots observed a “Mig 21” attack, and the mission was canceled.

From inside the cockpit, the Syrian pilot noticed that the Mohawk started throwing thermal balloons. He realized that he had noticed that he had not used the thermal missile and had used a high-pitched throw system.

The Syrian pilot, from the direction of 300 degrees, saw Turkish missiles heading to protect the Mohawk. The Syrian pilot opened fire from the cannon with 125 rounds of 23 mm, which he ripped and detonated directly with an exit maneuver to avoid Turkish shooting.

The screams of the Israeli Phantom pilot, whose cover was revealed at the moment of the explosion, began to demand a safe exit and saw the “Mohawk” explode. At that time, Lieutenant Colonel Shehab and the lieutenant, Lt. Col. Fayez, became airlifted to close the Phantoms. Captain Karam took off as a pilot advancing the 679 Squadron to cover his withdrawal at a very low altitude, preventing the Turks and Americans from continuing to approach the border.

The results of the fall of a US spy plane “Mohawk” and the injury of the Phantoms in a mysterious way led to a decline in Turkey, and the failure of the air defense of NATO and Turkey to shoot down the Syrian fighter