Sama wins the title of the first veiled in boxing

Amiya Zafer, the American woman, entered history after becoming the first boxing to participate in a formal dress wearing an Islamic headscarf after a battle with the US Boxing Federation to change its regulations, Sky News reported.

The regulations of the American Boxing Federation allow Muslim boxers to wear headscarves during official competitions, and illiteracy (16 years) lost her first career in the hijab, but her joy was great in realizing her dream.

Umayya has been banned from practicing boxing since she wore the hijab according to US laws, but the Islamic Relations Council announced that Umayyad was allowed to participate in tournaments wearing the hijab with a long sleeve jacket and long pants.

At the time Zafer expressed her happiness with the event and her willingness to participate in the games, especially as she weighed in the place you wish.

“We welcome this victory and look forward to the day when athletes from all religions will compete at the national and international levels while preserving their religious principles,” Ibrahim Huber, director of communications at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), told Reuters.

Zafer will not stop there. Her dream and declared goal are to participate in the 2020 Olympic Games in the Japanese capital, Tokyo, so the player is expected to go to the American International Boxing Association (AIBA) to recognize her right to participate in world championships. , Wearing a headscarf.