SanDisk Unveils Largest MicroSD Memory Card in the World

SanDisk has announced the world’s largest microSD memory card at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, with a capacity of 400 GB. The company will start shipping to the market starting next September at $ 250.

The new memory card can be used to store full 35-hour HD video, SanDisk is targeting users of various gaming devices and photographers, as well as owners of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The new MicroSD memory card has a speed of up to 100 Mbps for data transmission, which means it can transfer up to 1200 images in just one minute.

“We continue to push the boundaries of technology and transform consumers’ use of their devices by focusing on new achievements in the technology world, enabling consumers to keep up with their lifestyles focused on storage solutions,” said Sven Ratgin, vice president of product marketing for SanDisk’s Western Digital. Trust them. “