Seth Rogen admits Trump-Kim summit looked a lot like that troublesome movie he once made

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Rogen and also Goldberg directed the 2014 movie”The job interview,” about a talk show host who unexpectedly lands an interview using the North Korean dictator and afterward is recruited from the CIA to assassinate him. The dark humor had been followed with the e mail hack on Sony Picturesthat was scheduled to publish the movie, although Rogen said in a recent interview he does not assume North Korea was accountable to the hack on.
Launched in a seminar call promoting “Preacher,”” that the AMC show that the couple make, Rogen and Goldberg laughed when the niche of the summit was attracted up.
“I didn’t think the vain, covetous talk show host personality” that winds up meeting Kim Jong Un”would be the president of the usa, however, it still seems like a potential lively yet,” Rogen explained.
“It’s a small much how on point it’s,” Goldberg added.

James Franco and Seth Rogan in 'The Interview'

In the aforementioned Vulture interview, Rogen expressed regret he had played along with Sony’s petition the film-makers feign as if these were innocent concerning the potential fallout from your movie and also North Korea’s negative reaction for this.
“We required us to act like we’re only hoping to earn a ridiculous comedy and didn’t understand we’re making something controversial,” he said. “They’re asking us to seem like those dumb stoner film-makers who just occurred to make a movie about Kim Jong U N without truly contemplating this. Much like, we’d no thought north-korea may be mad!”
Sony eventually canceled the discharge of”The job interview,” citing security concerns following threats have been leveled from the movie and also a theatre owners shot at showing it.
“Preacher” — that the horror comedy, that’s engendered controversy due to its depiction of Jesus — can probably return to its next season on June 2-4.