Slovakia understand EU court ruling on refugees and no more

Facebook plans to spend so much money on its popular Instant Messaging application and take advantage of the messaging service used by more than a billion people a day, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We are developing new tools through the WhatsApp Business application for small businesses and large organizations that are working on a large scale with a global customer base,” he said. Such as airlines, e-commerce sites and banks. ”

According to the report, Watts AG has already started a trial program for corporate accounts, which will not be available free of charge. “We intend to charge companies in the future,” said Matt Edema, Chief Operating Officer of Matt Edema.

This will not only be the source of profit from Wattsb, but there are other plans that the company is working on to get additional funds from any company and a brand that communicates with its customers through the famous application.

It is worth mentioning that the application of Wattsab emerged strongly in 2009, and acquired by Facebook in 2014 for 19 billion dollars.