South Korea develops hydro-survey vehicles for deployment in the West Sea

South Korea’s military authorities have begun testing the operation of automated water-monitoring vehicles for deployment in the northern border area of ​​the western sea.

According to the South Korean Broadcasting Corporation (KBS), a vehicle of this type was first introduced on Thursday after being developed under the Defense Robotics Program in cooperation between the private sector and the Korean army since December 2015.

The vehicles are scheduled to carry out reconnaissance missions in dangerous areas, including the northern boundary line in the western sea.

Each with a length of 8 meters, weighing up to 3 tons, with a maximum speed of 54 kilometers per hour. It can work in a sailor with a height of 1.25 meters. It can also avoid obstacles above sea level and chase ships engaged in fishing. Illegal in Korean waters.

The Korean navy said the new vehicles will greatly help protect the lives of soldiers and enhance the combat capabilities of the navy