Spanish league wants UEFA to investigate Qatar

The Spanish League League (Liga), led by Javier Teppas of the European Football Federation (UEFA), has demanded the investigation of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain because of the huge expenses of both clubs during the summer transfer period.

Spain’s league association is asking UEFA to investigate Manchester City and St Germain for violating the rules of fair play in the summer Miercato, which could cause irreparable damage to the football industry, Sky Sports said.

Paris-Saint-Germain-based French club Nasser Al-Khalifi is benefiting from material aid from Qatar for big deals, he said, adding that he is distorting European competitions.

Neymar’s transfer to Saint Germain is the most expensive in history
Neymar’s move to St. Germain is the most expensive in history

The European Football Confederation (EU) confirmed in an official statement last Friday that it was investigating the suspicion that Paris Saint-Germain violated the rules of pure financial play after signing Neymar from Barcelona for 222 million euros in the most expensive deal on football history. Monaco on loan this season with the possibility to buy for 180 million euros next summer.

Manchester City spent more than 200 million euros on deals in the summer transfer, most notably signing Kyle Walker of Tottenham against 50 million Australians and Benjamin Mindy of Monaco for 42.9 million euros.