Special needs student defies odds and walks

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OZARK (KFSM)- Graduation at Ozark High School comprised a big surprise for everybody else for a student with a neurological disorder walked into receive his diploma in front of tens of thousands.

Senior, ” Connor McCormick attended public school to the very first time this year at Ozark High School. His family members not expected that the surprise they would receive at his alliance.

“They obtained him in his walker and that he took off,” Connor’s mum, Melodie Dotson said. ” [He] took walked around where he still had to go and also got his diploma.”

Connor’s educators helped him to get out of their wheelchair and walk on the other side of the stage before 2000 individuals have been cheering him on.

“This was some thing that we wanted to be somewhat special because of his family members,” Ozark High School chief, Jordan price tag explained. “Each other pupil is walking round the platform and getting their diploma, no reason Connor shouldn`t do the exact same.”

This was a psychological moment for Connor’s loved ones as his family has been told he’d live past two-years-old. He was clinically diagnosed using Lissencephaly, a severe neurological disorder and autism.

“We’re basically told at the beginning he wouldn’t have the ability to walk or talk about any of that substance,” Dotson explained. “When they support him like this and applaud, itreally is just very touching to see it. [It is] a thing that we imagined we had been going to arrive at experience and see.”

Yet another landmark for the 17-year-old whois famous for making his class-mates grin. Connor attempted on his cap and gown to celebrate the significant day yet another time.

“Connor was able to over come a hug number of challenges,” Price explained. “He impressed us but inspired us beyond and above what we believe is hopeless.”

Now that school is finished, Connor will attend the Franklin County Learning Center where he will soon be a part of the adult education application.

To see the full video from Ozark High School’s Graduation, click the link.