Stan Lee granted restraining order Following abuse Asserts

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A petition filed in support of the sequence says that Keya Morgan, ” a memorabilia collector who is behaving as Lee’s”caretaker,” was shooting advantage of Lee since his wife, Joan Lee, expired past year.
“Petitioner, together with law enforcement and Adult Protective Services, believes Mr. Morgan is unduly influencing Mr. Lee and isolating him” the petition filed by Lee’s previous lawyer, Tom Lallas, says.
The temporary order Requires Morgan from abusing, harassing or calling Lee and takes one to stay at least 100 yards off out of him.
CNN has now reached outside to Morgan for remark. At an announcement to TMZ, Morgan refused the allegations against him.
“I’ve taken great care of Stan Lee for its past years, also have not ever experienced a problem straight with Stan. I have a excellent relationship with him to its past years since he has stated countless days over the record and I saved his life once,” Morgan told TMZ. “I will 100% establish beyond a shadow of any doubt the allegations against me are fictitious ”
Lee may be your creator of heaps of legendary comic characters, for example spiderman, xmen, Ironman and Black Panther.
The dad’s decision comes after Lee submitted a video on Sunday saying he and Morgan have been firm partners.
“Both folks interact and therefore are conquering the world alongside,” Lee explained in the video clip.
Morgan was detained on Monday for allegedly creating a fake police report. LosAngeles police have been doing a welfare check at Lee’s house on May thirty if, based on documents, Morgan arrived at the scene and dialed 911 to report”unidentified” persons experienced gone into Lee’s dwelling. The telephone prompted eight authorities components and a helicopter to get there at the scene.
CNN has now reached outside to Lee’s agents for comment.