Stress and stress work are major causes of weight gain

Weight gain is a common problem among many people who work in office jobs and are under a lot of stress.

In this regard, a report published by the Indian site “Bold Sky”, the main reasons for gaining weight at work include the following:

1. Eat even if you feel full: in some cases celebrate the birthday of your coworkers and may eat small slices of cakes and sweets that increase fat in your body, especially the waist.

2. Do not eat healthily, because when you feel hungry during a hard day at work you get rid of hunger by eating unhealthy foods such as pizza, fried foods and burgers.

3. Working long hours increases the weight of the individual: The lack of space does not make you have time to exercise, and lack of sleep can affect your appetite and cause feeling hungry.

4. Exposure to stress and work under pressure: Exposure to a constant level of stress at work is one of the main reasons for weight gain, because it increases levels of stress and cortisol in the body and hunger hormone.