Study warns of taking vitamins with drinking coffee or tea

Millions of people eat vitamin D as part of their breakfast routine, but we seem to be wasting our time. A recent scientific study, led by British researchers, found that swallowing vitamins with tea Or coffee can erase all the good give it these supplements.

The heat in drinks can significantly reduce the benefits of vitamins and may kill “friendly” bacteria called probiotics found in foods such as yogurt, according to the Daily Mail.

The study, conducted by the University of East Anglia British, found that hot drinks such as tea and coffee prevent the absorption of iron by up to 73%. The researchers are advised to wait at least an hour before eating hot food or drink after taking vitamin tablets.

“I do not recommend taking probiotics, vitamin or mineral supplements with tea or coffee,” said Dr. Sarah Brewer, a nutritionist. Coffee reduces iron uptake by up to 80 percent within an hour of vitamin intake, and hot drinks can disrupt the work of some vitamins, the researchers said.