Sushi may cause Infection and cause parasite Death

From Nigerian to Timaki, sushi flourished in popularity in the West, but now doctors warn of a less appetite trend: a rise in parasitic infections.

A team of doctors from Portugal raised fears after a 32-year-old man was hospitalized complaining of pain in his abdomen under his ribs, vomiting and a mild fever that lasted all week.

Endoscopy soon revealed the culprit: larvae of a kind of parasitic worm of Anisakis sex. Doctors indicate that this case, known as Alanisakia disease, is caused by the eating of uncooked or raw fish or contaminated seafood: the patient’s interrogation revealed that it had recently taken up sushi.

After the caterpillar was removed the man quickly recovered, and the doctors say.
Two views of the parasite, seen here are strongly attached to the area of the patient’s upper digestive tract.

Two views of the parasite, seen here are strongly attached to the area of the patient’s upper digestive tract. Picture: status Reports Carmo et

Writes in the magazine reports once a bag, warns the team that with sushi in vogue in the west, the consciousness of anisakisis is growing.

“Most of the cases in Japan were described as a result of dietary habits. However, it has been increasingly recognized in the Western countries, “referring to the Spanish study, which mentioned 25 cases over a three-year period from 1999 to 2002, with all the patients who eat raw material, as well as an Italian research that taught both Walsoshi and Alice on ways that individuals can get infected.

The Italian study added that medical professionals should be suspected of the case, patients must complain of severe abdominal pain after eating raw fish, pointing out that “no effective drug treatment is capable of killing larvae once eaten.”
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In fact, as noted by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “the treatment of anisakisis may require the removal of the worm from the body through endoscopy or surgery.”

The authors of the latter report add that, along with the symptoms that appear in the Portuguese case, the situation can also lead to the emergence of a group of other symptoms including a severe allergic reaction, as well as complications such as digestive bleeding, bowel obstruction and cavity.

The Food Standards Agency noted that raw fish sometimes contained parasite larvae, but said that under European legislation for food hygiene, fish must be frozen, which must be eaten raw before being sold to consumers to ensure that any parasites are killed.

The Free Syrian Army added that fish and meat should be properly cooked according to the product’s instructions, but offer some advice to those who plan to make their own sushi.

“If you choose to make your sushi fish at home, make sure you follow a good recipe,” reported the Free Syrian Army. “If the wild fish should be eaten raw or lightly cooked, make sure that all parts, especially fish part, have been frozen for at least four days in the local refrigerator in-15c or colder. This will ensure the killing of any undiscovered anisakis larvae. “