Syria war: OPCW Claims chlorine used in February attack

The global chemical weapons watchdog has said chlorine is probably going to have been employed in a attack in a rebel-held city in northern Syria in February.

It did not assign blame to the incident.

Medics and also activists mentioned during that chlorine-filled bombs had been dropped by a government helicopter.

The government has denied with chemical weapons.

But a joint UN-OPCW mission that’s now ended said it had been certain that government forces had employed the nerve agent Sarin and chlorine from four strikes.

The OPCW is currently currently exploring a supposed chemical attack a month at the then rebel-held city of Douma, in which medics say 40 individuals were murdered.

The united states, UK and France stated they were confident that chemical weapons had been found in Douma by police compels and also at reply carried out missile strikes on Syria’s “chemical weapons infrastructure”.

What happened in February?

The attack on Saraqeb, at Idlib province, occurred on 4 February.

An physician said that the city was struck by a barrel bomb dropped from a helicopter which had shot away by a nearby government foundation.

People brought to nearby hospitals after the attack of chlorine, ” the physician stated, also suffered breathing problems and aggravation in their eyes.

The Syria Civil Defence, whose rescue personnel are commonly known as the White Helmets, claimed nine persons had been affected plus it submitted a video clip on the web of numerous males getting coated with plain water as they struggle to breathe.

On Wednesday, the OPCW announced that its Fact-Finding Mission had confirmed contamination had been “probable utilized as a weapon” from the episode.

It said the conclusions were based on

“I strongly condemn the continuing use of toxic compounds as weapons by anyone, for that motive, also at any conditions,” explained OPCW Director General Ahmet Uzumcu.

“Such functions contradict the unequivocal prohibition from chemical weapons from the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

It is not yet determined if it is going to be recognized that he had been behind the attack as the joint UN-OPCW mission was dissolved previous November after Russia vetoed a US-sponsored Security Council resolution which would have long its mandate, and also the united states vetoed a Russia-sponsored resolution that would have limited its range.