Tech-savvy parrot uses Alexa to run house

– A techsavvy parrot is generating global headlines for applying devices many men and women continue to be trying to work out.

Petraan African American gray Congo parrot, informs Amazon’s Alexa how exactly to control household things.

“Alexa, switch down all the lights off,” is something that her owner said comes about a good deal.

“First, you are like half awake along with … enjoy, ‘Were a dream? Do this just happen?'” Said her owner. “All day, every day, it’s all lights on, off all lights”

Petra’s high tech knowhow has made her online sensation. Her owner manages her YouTube station, wherever she has greater than 12,000 subscribers. Videos of Petra are submitted.

“Alexa, all lights on,” a online video displays.

Petra’s owner explained she understood she had been special if she began talking at an old age that usual because of her or her species.

According to veterinarians, African gray Congo parrots will endure provided 50 to 70 years.

Petra’s owner said that she is only 4 yrs of age, and that she already knows the way to speak greater than 300 phrases.

Her second skill? Her owner said she is learning how to utilize Google house.

For the time being, she settles for a very simple peanut for being a reward.

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