Texas flood toll rises to 30 death and 13,000 more evacuated

The death toll from the floods in Texas has risen to 30, while authorities have confirmed the rescue of more than 13,000 others.
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US President Donald Trump Visits Texas, 29/8/2017 Trump promises to help Texas “hard and long”

Authorities imposed a curfew in Houston, the worst-hit city in Texas so far, in anticipation of looting.

The authorities confirmed that the rescue operation of people trapped in their homes by floods was continuing and that some 20,000 people were still in temporary shelters.

Heavy rains from Hurricane Texas struck a vast area in the southeast of the state.

US President Donald Trump paid a visit to the disaster areas, where rescue workers were inspected.

Trump, who became Hurricane’s first natural disaster faced by his administration, promised full support from the state’s federal government.

Harvey is the strongest hurricane to hit the United States in 12 years, since Hurricane Katrina swept through the United States in 2005, flooding New Orleans, Louisiana, with 1,800 people.