Hurricane “Erma” in the Dutch island of St Martin has risen to 4

The death toll of Hurricane Erma on the Dutch island of St Martin has soared to 4, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Roth said Monday.

The hurricane has already devastated areas of the Caribbean, killing some 25 people. Erma is a life-threatening threat to Florida and could cause a natural disaster that would damage billions of dollars in the country’s third-largest population.

The island of Saint Martin, in the Caribbean islands, was looted and looted after the devastation caused by the cyclone. The Dutch prime minister said earlier that the situation there was dangerous and unclear, noting that there were reports that citizens were carrying weapons on the streets of the island.

Hurricane Erema, Florida, also hit Sunday, killing at least three people and cutting off electricity from nearly a million homes.

According to the US news network ABC, the hurricane will last for two hours in the Florida Keys area, which includes the Keystone area. The typhoon is expected to hit the Keys Islands with winds of up to 209 km per hour. That head to the northwest toward the Florida Gulf coast.

State authorities issued orders to evacuate more than 6.3 million residents from their homes for fear of “life risks.

After losing strength as it crossed the northern coast of Cuba on Saturday, Erma regained his strength to become a Category 4 hurricane, the second-largest hurricane on the Savier-Simpson scale.