Tillerson welcomes the US judiciary’s condemnation of Erdogan’s guards assaulting a peaceful demonstration

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hailed the US judiciary’s condemnation of the attack by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s special guards on peaceful demonstrators outside the Turkish embassy during Erdogan’s visit to the United States in May.

“The United States does not tolerate people who resort to violence or intimidation in order to stifle freedom of expression or political views,” he said. “He said.

A group of peaceful protesters demonstrated in front of the Turkish embassy building during a visit to Ardugan on May 17 in support of a group of Syrian Kurds. The Turkish president’s guards clashed with them and beat them severely.

Relations between the United States and Turkey are currently tense as the United States refuses to extradite Turkish opposition leader Fathallah Gulen, who is accused by Turkey of being behind the attempted coup against Erdogan in the middle of last year.