Tinder App: top revenue list on the Apple Store

A new report on the application of Tandar for Appreciation revealed a higher-than-expected list of applications on the Apple store, ahead of Netflix, Pandora and Clash Royale, according to a report by app analyst Ann Annie. Launch the new Tinder Gold feature.

According to the Indian website TOI, the application was launched about 5 years ago, but the service decided to launch the Tinder Gold feature for subscribers this week to all countries around the world, which allows them to detect people who expressed their admiration through the service, which helped to Its widespread penetration among users resulted in such a profit.

InterActiveCorp, the developer of the application, revealed that the purpose of the application is to arrange emotional dates without prior knowledge by reconciling people who like each other. Users can browse the pictures of individuals in the same area and choose what they like. The other side is also impressed, noting that it has about 50 million users around the world, it is now said to be worth several billion dollars.