'Touching the decoration' curse strikes again?

From just stepping on the pitch with a certain foot to spitting chewing to the opposition’s half, most possess their own individual pre-match rituals.
However, there is 1 superstition that everyone can agree on: Don’t touch with the decoration before an end!
Everybody, in other words, apart from Marseille captain Dimitri Payet, that touched the Europa League decoration since he walked onto the Parc Olympique Lyonnais pitch.
It turned in to a day to overlook its Frenchman since he limped off injured right after around 30 minutes in his side’s 3-0 defeat to Atletico Madrid.

Dimitri Payet limps off in tears.

Enthusiasts on Twitter had been adamant that Payet’s pre-match experience of an enviable silverware was the reason for Marseille’s loss … maybe not a dominant Atletico function as far facet.
Following Wednesday’s closing, Liverpool supporters had been quick to urge their players perhaps not to the touch with the decoration before their Champions League final against Real Madrid on May 26, remembering an incident from their famous nighttime in Istanbul in 2005.
Irrespective of currently being 3-0 down to AC Milan at halftime for the reason that Champions League last, Liverpool mounted a second-half come back to eventually gain the match on fines.
Can they reach that the apparently hopeless by means of grit and determination — or are there any other sources at hand?
Ahead of the match striker Fernando Morientes had advocated his team mates not to the touch with the decoration — but Milan’s Gennaro Gattuso did because the 2 teams walked onto the pitch.
Former Liverpool midfielder Luis Garcia instructed buffs 36 months ago: “I can not recall who it had been, but some body at the very front of our line when strolling was ‘ crying ‘that they touched the decoration they touched the decoration’.”
Liverpool and Real Madrid players, you have now been warned.