Tourism: 67% increase in traffic coming from Poland


According to Mohamed Abdel-Jabbar, tourism consultant at the Egyptian office in Germany and the Polish market supervisor, the tourism movement from the Polish market to Egypt has witnessed a remarkable improvement, pointing out that the increase rate was about 67% in February 2017 compared to the same period last year.

He added, “Abdul-Jabbar,” in special remarks for the “seventh day,” he is currently visiting the Polish capital “Russo”, to hold intensive meetings with a number of tour operators and tourism companies and aviation, to discuss their plans to increase the influx of tourists coming from Polish cities to Egypt, Meeting with Ambassador Hossam Al-Qawish, Egyptian Ambassador to Poland.

He revealed “Abdul Jabbar”, the launch of a massive promotional campaign in the Polish market as of the end of April, before the start of the season of summer bookings, expected to see the movement of tourism during the coming period, to return to normal rates achieved by the Polish market in 2014, In the list of the 10 countries exporting tourism to Egypt, with the number of Polish tourists who visited Egypt 302 thousand and 815 tourists in the year mentioned.

The Steering Committee of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, chaired by Nader Al-Beblawi, decided to postpone the application of increasing the Umrah fees for the month of Rajab and Shaaban and the continuation of the work of last year’s fees of 110 Egyptian pounds for each month.

The committee added that the new fees will be applied for 210 pounds for every Mu’tamir starting from the month of Ramadan 1438H. This comes within the framework of the Chamber’s keenness to take care of the interests of tourism companies and in response to the demands of tourism companies working in the field of religious tourism. Companies announced prices for their programs.

He added that Air Cairo will increase the number of weekly flights from Poland to Egypt for 12 trips instead of 4, to drive the tourist traffic to a number of cities, “Hurghada – Marsa Alam – Sharm El-Sheikh,” noting that His visit to “Rasu” comes within the framework of instructions and directives of Minister of Tourism Yahya Rashed and Hisham Al-Demiri, Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Authority, focusing on the Polish market to restore tourism.