Transsexuals remain in the US Army pending Trump’s directives

US Defense Secretary James Matisse said Tuesday that the current US military policy toward transgender soldiers would continue, pending new directions from President Donald Trump.

A panel of experts will meet to “provide advice and recommendations” on the implementation of the new policy, Matisse said in a statement.

“Once the Committee has made its recommendations, and after my consultations with the Secretary of Homeland Security, I will give my advice to the President on the implementation of his policy direction,” he said.
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Homosexual Service Trump: I will not allow transsexuals to serve in the US military

“In the meantime, the current policy on transsexuals currently working will remain the same,” he said.

Last Friday, Trump signed a memorandum banning transgender service in the military.

Trump said more study was needed to ensure that transsexuals did not “disrupt military effectiveness and discord, disrupt unity of the unit, or impose burdens on military resources.”

A document signed by a senior Pentagon official said the ministry was considering the possibility of appointing homosexuals.

The US Department of Defense lifted the ban on transgender soldiers last year under Secretary Ashton Carter and after a 2011 decision lifted a decades-long ban on gay and lesbian service in the US armed forces.