Trump and his daughter “Ivanka” talking with the leaders of the agency “NASA”

US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka held a videoconference on Monday with Commander Biggie Whitson and Flight Engineer Jack Fisher of NASA on the International Space Station from the White House Oval Office in Washington. , And the conversation was attended by space pioneer at NASA, Kate Robbins.

In late March, US President Donald Trump signed a law raising the budget of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), funded the agency’s Earth Sciences program, and the goal of reaching Mars by 2030.

President Trump said the law would support NASA’s main mission in space exploration and would help it contract with private airlines such as the manufacture of spacecraft, US radio Sawa reported.

Trump wrote to his Twitter account after signing the decision that his administration “supports scientists, engineers and NASA astronauts in their quest for discoveries.”

The law calls for an increase in NASA’s budget to $ 19.5 billion, slightly more than President Trump’s budget proposal to Congress, which proposed $ 19.1 billion for the agency.

The resolution also aims to send a human crew to Mars by 2030 and explore human habitation on this planet.