Trump May Cancel Press Briefings and Warns Comey

President Trump warned on Friday of James B. Kumi, v. Director of this week, against leaking anything negative about him, saying that Mr. Kumi “Better hope” that there are no secret tapes from their conversations that the president can use in retaliation.

The suggestion that the President may record his meetings or telephone calls has added a dramatic new shift at the end of the week, which was narrated by Washington. Mr. Trump and his aides from the White House later refused to say whether the president was sitting on his visitors, something that Mr. Trump was suspected to do when he was working in New York.

Mr. Trump says on Twitter: “James COM hopes that there are no” tapes for our conversations before the leak begins to press!

Mr. Trump appears to refer to a report in the New York Times that Mr. Kumi refused to pledge his allegiance during a dinner at the White House earlier this year, which the President denied. Asked if there were tapes of his conversations, Mr. Trump refused to say.
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“I can’t talk about her. I won’t talk about it. ” All I want is to be honest. ”

In the past 40 years, no president has known that he regularly connects his phone calls or meetings because he can among other reasons, the interrogators called for questioning as they were during the Watrghit investigation, which forced President Richard Nixon to resign eventually. However, phone calls with foreign leaders are usually copied by other participants.

The Democrats expressed shock. Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the largest Democrat in the House of Representatives, said “for the president who has accused his predecessor illegally by abandoning it illegally, Mr. Trump suggests that he himself has been involved in such conduct” intelligence committee. “The president must immediately submit such recordings to Congress or again to confess a deliberate statement–in this case threatening–the statement,” he said.

Representatives of John Koners, Jr. and Ilya Kamings of Maryland, the largest Democrats in the judiciary and censorship committees, sent a letter to the White House on Friday asking for copies of any recordings if they existed. The letter indicated that it was “a crime of intimidation or threats to any potential witness in order to influence, delay or prevent his official testimony”.

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Asked whether the president is recording his talks, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, will not say. “The president has nothing else to add to it,” Spicer said, adding the answer or some of the differences in it several times as press releases.
Events that led to the shooting of COM, how the story of the White House changed

White House officials initially said that President Trump acted upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Justice officials, but Mr. Trump said later that he had shot F.BI. Manager regardless.
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He denied that the president was threatening the former federal front. Director. “This is not a threat,” said Mr. Spicer. “He simply mentioned the fact. Tweet speaks for itself. I’m moving.

This issue arose in a series of Twitter messages in the early morning, in which Mr. Trump appeared to incite news reports on Friday, focusing on contradictory accounts of his decision to shoot Mr. Kumi at the same time. Examines the relations between Mr. Trump’s partners and Russia. Among other things, he threatened to cancel future White House briefings.

The President expressed interest in the changing version of how to decide to shoot Mr. Kumi. In his first expanded comments on the shooting on Thursday, Mr. Trump contradicted the statements made by the spokesman for the White House, as well as the comments made to reporters by Vice President Mike Pines and even the letter the president himself signed and sent to Mr. COM informing him of his dismissal.

The original White House version of the shooting was that the President acted upon the recommendation of the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General for dealing with Mr. Kumi to investigate last year’s e-mail Hillary Clinton. But in an interview with NBC News on Thursday, Mr. Trump said he had already decided to shoot Mr. Kumi and would do so regardless of any recommendation. He noted that he was considering Russia’s achievement when the decision was made.

Mr. Trump implicitly admitted that misleading information had been submitted on Friday morning that no one should expect the White House to provide accurate information.

“As a very active head with a lot of things happening, it is not possible for my alternatives to stand up on the podium thoroughly!” he wrote on Twitter.