Trump: Previous US administrations paid North Korea “huge money”

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday criticized former US administrations’ handling of the North Korean crisis, saying that previous administrations have paid huge sums of money to the northern part of the country over the last 25 years, as well as long-standing negotiations that have not yet come to fruition.

“The United States has been talking to Pyongyang for 25 years,” the New York Times reported in its report on its website today. “The dialogue is not the solution,” he said. The right way to deal with the crisis in the northern part.

Trump did not say what money he was referring to, Trump said, adding that Trump was open to pursuing negotiations with North Korea while at the same time opposing the negotiating approach.

The New York Times recalled President Bush’s remarks last week that he believed Pyongyang had begun to respect the United States, but the sudden action of the northern part by firing one of the ballistic missiles over Japan – forcing Japanese residents to hide and take refuge – Trump changed his tone toward North Korea, saying on Tuesday that Pyongyang’s message to the United States and the world seemed clear and clear, and that the northern part did not respect Washington or the UN member states.

Over the past years, former US administrations have tried to approach North Korea through a diplomatic approach, as well as sanctions, in an attempt to force the northern part to abandon its nuclear and missile development programs.

For decades, the United States has been sending funds to North Korea for humanitarian aid to establish better relations, but no official diplomatic relations have been reached so far, she said.