Trump push for border wall Mexico to cause government shutdown

US President Donald Trump has pressed for funding to build a wall along the border with Mexico as the congressional spending row threatens to halt the US government’s 100-day work on Trump.

The funding of the wall was one of Trump’s most important promises, and the White House seems determined to get congressional approval to pay the first amount as part of a larger sum in return for continuing funding for the US government.

Trump tried to make suggestions on the issue via Twitter, stressing that Mexico would finance the construction of the wall “but later so that we can start working early.”

“The Democrats do not want money from the budget to go to the border wall, even though it will stop the entry of drugs and members of the bad MS-13 gang,” he wrote.

White House budget official Mick Mulvani said the administration was ready to make concessions to Democrats on health care reform in order to get the money needed to build the wall.

But if there is no funding for the wall, will the president object to the larger spending bill, which could threaten to shut down the US government on Saturday, the day marking the 100th day of his assumption of power.

“I do not know yet,” Mulvani told Fox News on Sunday. “We demand our priorities and most importantly we are offering the Democrats some of their priorities as well.”