Trump on World Suicide Prevention Day encourages further discussion on the issue

On Sunday, on the occasion of the International Suicide Prevention Day, US President Donald Trump encouraged Americans to open debate on the issue.

“While we offer survivors to the survivors, we show that by unifying efforts communities can prevent suicide,” Trump said in a statement quoted by The Hill newspaper. “Discussing this file publicly, recognizing risk factors such as mental illness, trauma, drug abuse and unemployment, For those who need it, we will find hope and prevent sudden deaths. ”

Trump cited statistics showing that suicide is now ranked 10th on the list of causes of death in the United States, pointing out that old soldiers are particularly at risk. “Every day there are 20 veterans who end their lives tragicly. In recent years, Committed suicide those who are killed in combat. ”

Trump stressed that more efforts should be made “because these soldiers are our heroes and deserve the high medical care that my administration has promised to provide them.”