Trump’s change of attitude on Asia disturbs Australia, America’s ally

South Korea, Japan and the United States have been used to hostile statements by North Korea, but Pyongyang has recently threatened a new target with a nuclear strike – Australia, the New York Times reported.

During a visit by US Vice President Mike Bens to Sydney, North Korea warned Australia and urged it to think twice before following the US path without realizing and acting as a US-trained combat battalion, the newspaper said in a report on its website on Tuesday.

The Australian and US forces fought side by side in every major World War I conflict and their relations are very close. Twelve US Marines have recently arrived in Darwin, Australia for six months of joint training, The two countries share intelligence on land, sea and even outer space. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump on Thursday aboard a US aircraft carrier.

The North Korean threat against Australia, which seems unlikely, is an example of the extent to which the country’s most important military alliance faces a new challenge, a threat posed by President Trump to another conflict or crisis that is not expected to shake Destabilizing the region, angering its trading partners or forcing it to stand by the United States or China.

“The question is: What will America draw Australia to?” This is a very scary obsession for Australians, many of whom see Trump as a top-notch leader who is more staunch and more interested in his country’s interests, the paper quoted Ashley Townsend, a researcher at the University of Sydney’s Center for American Studies, as saying. Much more than anything else. ”

The newspaper pointed out that Trump already annoyed Australia by phone call sharply with Turnbull and seemed to deny the historical role of Australia as a friend is always given more than it gets.