Twitter President: Encryption is critical to Internet security and governments understand it

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, defended technology companies in the wake of the latest terrorist attack in Westminster last week, following accusations by officials that encryption was the cause of the spread of terrorism.

“The encryption of messages is critical to the security of Web services for everyone,” said Jacques Dorsey, a young billionaire, speaking with the British Mirror. “It is important for governments to understand the problem they were trying to solve before they found solutions.

Encryption and security in general are often seen in the wrong way. Encryption benefits everyone and ensures transparency for all, especially since it does not stop at a certain point, but new methods and methods are developed from day to day.

Encryption is critical, but what is more important is to make sure that different technology companies conduct an open dialogue with the government, to ensure that each party has a primary goal.

Dorsey’s comments came after the interior minister accused Watts Ab’s application of providing a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other.