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US President Donald Trump, hinting UFC 211 live stream free watch online en vivo en directo in diretta there are recordings of a conversation between him and the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Koumi, is chanting about possible isolation measures against him, the Washington Post reported.

“It’s better for James Coomy to hope there are no recordings of our conversations before he starts making statements to the press,” Trump said on Friday morning.

The newspaper said on its website on Saturday that legal experts believe that Trump’s warnings about the existence of recordings of Komi so as not to talk to the media, pushing a possible cause to obstruct the justice process, the charge resulted in the removal of two presidents in the past 43 years.

Professor Samuel Paul, a former federal prosecutor, said “obstruction” is a serious crime. “” It is about the purpose for which it was done. In theory, trying to intimidate, silence or even influence someone who is investigating can be a hindrance to justice. ”

Yet such a Trump-like argument is more a political issue than a legal one. Given that both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans, the law will see a huge public outcry against lawmakers if they begin to try to remove the president from office.

Trump’s sudden decision to dismiss Komi was triggered by a wave of controversy and widespread accusations that dominated the US political landscape, as he oversaw investigations into the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia, as well as reports that Komi had sought further sources of inquiry.

Donald Trump’s administration is trying to interfere in investigations, including investigations of Russia, by removing resources and priorities for anti-espionage investigations, sources with the FBI said.

According to CNN, one of the sources said there was a general fear that the White House would try to interfere in investigations into Russian interference in the US presidential election and the connection of the tram campaign to Russian officials.

The source, who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity, said that if Donald Trump was appointed as a close associate, then in the long run, the investigation of Russia would disappear.

However, one source said that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is not inclined to make a change in the investigative body unless it shows that the investigations are at risk. In this regard, FBI officials said they were confident that the investigation was proceeding, despite the sudden dismissal of James Comy Director of the FBI.

The special investigations of Russia are currently supervised by Dana Point, who is the head of national security trials at the Justice Ministry.