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Many EU citizens have called on institutions and EU countries to act more effectively to combat terrorism, which has become a real threat to their lives.

The agency “Aki” Italian opinion poll conducted in favor of the European Parliament, and included various segments of European citizens in many countries, which confirmed that “80% of respondents emphasize that the Union to do more to fight terrorism.”

Of those who hold the same opinion, 82 percent are in France and the same in Belgium, while 75 percent are in Luxembourg, and the EU should take “real and more effective measures on the ground in the fight against terrorism.”

68% of the citizens surveyed expressed their support for a unified European policy in the areas of defense and security, and considered that the measures adopted so far are moving in the right direction, but they still need to be deepened.

The European Parliament has ratified a series of measures and laws several years ago, to strengthen the control of the so-called foreign fighters, as well as control of the external borders of the Union and the procedures of inspections and control of all entrants and exiles to European and other member States.

The Parliament also seeks to study the possibility of updating the existing legislation to combat money laundering and tax evasion phenomena, which channel their financial revenues in favor of terrorist organizations