United States is holding 23 Chinese who tried to enter the tunnels

US authorities arrested 23 Chinese out of 30 migrants for illegally entering the United States through a border tunnel from Mexico.

“Border guards are actively patrolling the border area of ​​the San Diego area and dealing with any activity that could be suspicious, which is what happened,” said Mark Indikot, a patrol officer, on Tuesday (August 29th).

In a statement, the customs agency said the discovery of a group of suspected illegal immigrants on Saturday led the border patrol to “an irregular hole in the ground inside a ladder.”

The 30 migrants were detained pending further questioning, the agency said.

Of the 23 Chinese nationals detained, 21 were men and two women, and there were also 7 Mexican nationals, including 4 men and 3 women. Aged between 17 and 46 years.