US court has indicted a major financier of Hezbollah

A US court on Friday charged Qasim Taj Eddin, an important financial contributor to Hezbollah, for trying to evade sanctions.

Taj Eddin, who was expelled from Morocco to the United States, was charged by a federal court in Washington after nearly eight years of being blacklisted for “terrorists” for collecting tens of millions of dollars for Hezbollah.

He is accused of violating US sanctions against “terrorist” groups and money laundering. Taj al-Din was arrested on his arrival in Casablanca on March 12 at the request of the US authorities.

He arrived in the United States on Friday morning, but the Justice Ministry did not confirm whether the Moroccan government had extradited him, and 62-year-old Taj Eddin paid his innocence.

In May 2009, Taj Eddin, who is involved in raw material trade in the Middle East and Africa, was considered an “important financial contributor” to a “terrorist” organization and was targeted with sanctions.

“Because of his support for Hezbollah, a major international terrorist organization, the US administration imposed sanctions on Qasim Taguddin in 2009, which forbade him from dealing with Americans or American companies,” US Deputy Attorney General Kenneth Blanco said in a statement.

The decision issued Friday does not accuse him of providing financial support to Hezbollah recently, but of restructuring its work after 2009 in order to avoid sanctions and continue trade with American companies.

Taj Eddin bought raw materials from US exporters and paid through bank transfers, with a total value of $ 27 million. US companies involved in those transactions were not aware they were involved