US House of Representatives: Relocation of young immigrants is not in the interest of the country

Paul Ryan, chairman of the US House of Representatives, confirmed that the deportation of young immigrants who entered the United States illegally would not be in the interest of the country.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives praised the decision of President Donald Trump to grant Congress a six-month time limit to consider his predecessor Barack Obama’s program on determining the fate of the Young Migrants Program in the United States, This is a “right” decision.

The program, known as Dhaka, has granted about 800,000 illegal immigrants protection from deportation and the opportunity to work legally in the United States, the radio said.

“We need time, and we do not want to cancel the program overnight, which would create a state of chaos,” Ryan said. “Giving Congress more time will ultimately enable it to reach the right form of consensus. And the settlement necessary to resolve illegal immigrants in the United States. “