US jogger who dumped Displaced Guy 's Possessions Detained

There is filmed ditching an displaced man’s belongings in a river A California jogger accused of stealing a by-stander’s phone as he recorded him .

Oakland town authorities arrested Henry Sintay, thirty, on Monday on suspicion of robbery later which he had been apparently filmed in a fracas in an identical location.

On-looker Matt Nelson shared with the movie on Facebook and claimed Mr Sintay experienced taken his mobile in a tussle.

Mr Sintay have perhaps not been charged more than eliminating the displaced individual’s camp.

The original video moved viral in the united states, provoking a disagreement about gentrification along with race.

Mr Sintay is whitened and also the homeless man – who had been perhaps not present in either video – really is really just a black gentleman, Greg Markson, accounts the East Bay Times.

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Mr Nelson filmed some body alleged to be Mr Sintay last Saturday regaining a number of their displaced guy’s possessions from your lake side.

Throughout the footage, Mr Nelson inquires that the person if he would be the jogger who was captured on picture a day early in the day later hurling the possessions in the water.

The man, who presents himself as Henry, denies acquiring thrown any of those displaced man’s items in the lake.

When Mr Nelson continues to question him while filming, Mr Sintay grabs his cell phone.

The rest of the movie is jerky footage of the altercation where Mr Nelson cries:”I am being attacked here!”

On Facebook, Mr Nelson claims he experienced a”moderate concussion, a few cuts and bruises and lots of sore and strained muscle tissues” in your come across.

Mr Sintay faces a second-degree robbery charge.

” the San Francisco Chronicle noted the Mr Sintay was being held in the Santa Rita prison and was due to come in court Wednesday.