US requires enhanced inspection of air cargo coming from Turkey

US Transportation Security Administration said on Thursday it had issued new security directives requiring enhanced inspection of shipments from Turkey.

“This change is aimed at” adequately addressing the emerging threats to shipments and increasing the minimum global aviation security, “said Michael England, a spokesman for the department.

He added that the new directives required voluntary measures already followed by Turkey and would ensure “the screening of airborne shipments to the United States and securing them in accordance with the pre-shipment inspection program.”

Officials said the decision came after an incident in Australia and based on intelligence reports.

In July, an Australian man sent his brother to Sydney airport to join an Etihad flight carrying a homemade bomb hidden in a meat grinder made on the guidance of a senior commander in a sympathetic organization, police said.

Michael Phelan, deputy commissioner for national security, said the explosives used to make the bomb were sent in an air cargo from Turkey as part of a “plot and face” conspiracy.