US Senator McCain says his cancer treatment are “very good”

US Senator John McCain said on Sunday that the outlook was “very good” for his treatment of brain cancer, which doctors diagnosed about two months ago.

“All the results so far are excellent,” he said in an interview with State of the Union. “He feels he has more energy than he does.” Ever”.

The 80-year-old senator said he would devote the coming weeks to studying the defense budget as chairman of the Senate Defense Committee.

McCain, who was captured in the Vietnam War and held for many years in Hanoi where he was tortured, admitted in the interview that his cancer was “a challenge I face.”

“I have met other challenges, and I am sure I will win this challenge as well. McCain, who lost the presidential election to his Democratic rival Barack Obama in 2000, said he would undergo magnetic resonance imaging to assess his response to the treatment.