US and South Korea to send aircraft carrier and bombers after Nuclear test (North Korea)

South Korea and the United States are planning to deploy a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, grenade launchers and other strategic military items on the Korean Peninsula in response to Pyongyang’s recent nuclear test, South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense said Monday.

According to a report by the ministry to the Parliamentary Defense Committee of the Legislative Council, the Korean Army plans to carry out military exercises with live ammunition using guided surface-to-air missiles of the Toras type, launched from the ” F-15K), and the army will conduct the exercises this month.

Toras, 500km long, has the ability to strike targets tightly, and the South Army is trying to use it to carry out air raids on North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities.

The ministry said in its report that it plans to deploy strategic US warships on the Korean Peninsula, including an aircraft carrier and its combat group, and strategic bombers, following consultations with the US side.