Van strikes on pedestrians in Toronto

Van strikes pedestrians in Toronto: Live updates

Live Updates

By Veronica Rocha and Brian Ries, CNN

updated less than 1 min ago3:11 p.m. ET, April 23, 2018

less than 1 min ago

A man told CNN partner CTV the driver of a van “just starting hitting everybody.”

He said he thought the driver had a heart attack because the driver was plowing into everything.

The driver, he said, was just “hitting people one by one.”

“It was a nightmare… It was a gruesome scene. It was really bad out there,” said the man who was overcome with emotion. “I couldn’t believe what I had seen.”

He said at least one victim was dragged. There was blood everywhere, he said.

“Holy God, I have never scene like this in my life,” the man said.

11 min ago

From CNN’s Gabi Milian 

Stephen Powell, district chief for Toronto Fire, told CNN that the vehicle that struck pedestrians in Toronto today “covered between a half-mile and a mile.”

Earlier, the Toronto Fire Service earlier tweeted about the crash, calling it “horrific.” 

16 min ago

An eyewitness told CNN partner CTV that a white vehicle drove onto a sidewalk today and plowed into pedestrians.

She said bystanders shouted to the driver, “Stop the car!”

“But he didn’t,” she said. “He just kept moving.”

The woman said she saw at least three people lying on the ground. “They didn’t move at all,” she said.

27 min ago

From CNN’s Paul Murphy

A woman who was at the scene of the van incident shared photos on Twitter that appear to show some of the people who were injured.

“This is insane,” she tweeted.

31 min ago

The incident occurred in the North York area at the intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, police said.

Yonge Street is one of the main thoroughfares in Toronto.

30 min ago

From CNN’s Isabella Gomez

Mark Dukes works at the Procter & Gamble building on Yonge Street and Poyntz Avenue in Toronto.

He told CNN he heard sirens outside of his office and looked down to the site of a van surrounded by police officers.

“There were tons of officers at first but not so many now,” he said.

38 min ago

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau told CNN network partner CTV regarding the incident:

“Obviously, we’re just learning of the situation in Toronto. Our hearts go out to anyone affected. We’re going to obviously going to have more to learn, more to say in the coming hours.”

28 min ago

From CNN’s Julia Jones

The suspect in the Toronto collision is in custody and the van has been located, Toronto Police media representative Gary Long told CNN.

Police don’t have more information on the extent of the injuries of the victims and no further information on the suspect.

Police declined to confirm the color of the vehicle at this time.

47 min ago

From CNN’s Julia Jones

Toronto paramedics are on the scene and treating multiple patients, according to  Kim McKinnon, Toronto Paramedics superintendent.

Karl Mok took this photo of the scene, where the van hit multiple pedestrians in Toronto.

Mok did not see the incident, but looked out his 15th floor window when a co-worker told him about it.

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