Venezuela criticizes Macaron’s intervention in its affairs

Venezuela on Wednesday condemned what it called an “interference” by French President Emmanuel Macaron on the country’s internal affairs after describing his regime as “dictator” Nicolas Maduro.

In a statement published on its website, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry expressed “its firm rejection of Macaron’s unfortunate statements” which “constitute a clear interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs”.

McCron, who spoke to French ambassadors gathered in Paris, asked Tuesday, “How could some have been so lenient with the regime in Venezuela?”

“A dictatorship is trying to survive even if it entails unprecedented human suffering and an alarming ideological radicalization, although the country’s resources are enormous,” the French president said.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the remarks “constitute an abuse of Venezuelan institutions, apparently provoked by permanent obsession and imperialism to attack our people, and ignore the most basic principles of international law.”

Venezuela is demanding “respect for its democracy,” the statement said, citing Macaron’s “profound ignorance” of Venezuela.