Venezuela vs Colombia Preview

China on Thursday reiterated its Colombia vs. Venezuela EN VIVO ONLINE VER EN DIRECTO strong support for EU integration, denouncing accusations that it was trying to divide Europe. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chan Ying said she was shocked by recent remarks made by German Foreign Minister Ziegmar Gabriel in which EU countries warned that if they do not succeed in developing one strategy toward China, then China will succeed in dividing Europe.

She believed that what Gabriel said about China and that it was trying to divide Europe was not the thinking of most of the European people. US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse said on Thursday he had signed deployment orders to send additional US troops to Afghanistan in line with President Trump’s strategy for South Asia.

And challenged whether anyone in Europe could find a more stable country than China in its unwavering and unconditional support for European integration.
She also stressed that China attaches great importance to its relationship with the European Union.

“The overall goal is to enable Afghan forces to fight more effectively, they are more advisers and more helpers, for example,” he said.
The US National Hurricane Center said in its latest bulletin Thursday that the force of the storm Erma has increased over the eastern Atlantic Ocean, turning it into the fourth hurricane in the 2017 season.

In other words, some (orders) have been signed regarding the troops to be sent and we are identifying the individuals concerned, “Matisse told reporters.

The center is expected to become a major hurricane by Thursday evening and is expected to turn into a severe hurricane in the coming days.

She hoped that the German minister would be able to look at the relations between China and the EU objectively and stop making such irresponsible remarks that would not help enhance trust and cooperation between the two sides.
With the EU facing many internal problems now, she believes that China’s firm support for European integration is more valuable and valuable than ever, a position that should be appreciated by the European side, she said.