Video – Christine Bell visits a shelter in Florida to sing for survivors of Hurricane “Irma”

After failing to leave Florida before the hurricane, American actress Christine Bell decided to spend her time with the survivors at the Woods Middle School shelter and entertain them.

The school’s Facebook page posted a video of Christine Bell, 37, singing to the survivors the song “For the First Time in Forever” from Frozen.

“It was a great surprise today from Christine Bell to the Meadow Woods school,” she commented.

“I wish some of these songs would be in your mind for the rest of the day and distract your mind (Erma),” Christine told the audience before singing to them.

“Thank you very much Christine Bell for your passing and encouraging us with your beautiful voice and positive message!

Christine said on her Instagram website that she would not be able to leave Florida during the hurricane and wrote: “We did not have the best to leave, we do our best to stay positive and cautious, and try to help those in need. It is a joy that the community will join hands during this process. “